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The art of plating, food photography and everything in between: Exploring the legal facets

In today’s day and age, food  is not restricted to being something that just meets our nutritional needs, but it has transformed into a medium for artistic expression as well as a mode to display conceptual designs through plating. It is a fact that a great extent of creativity is involved in the process of…
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Protecting creations in the unexplored: Analysing the scope of Intellectual Property Rights in the outer space

The year is 2020 and the scope for technological innovation in all aspects of science is now thriving more than ever. Exploring outer space is a dynamic area in science that is evolving everyday. Typically, outer space can be defined as the expanse that exists beyond the Karman line[i] and between the celestial bodies. Space…
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The Intellectual Property business of India’s biggest cricket league – IPL.

This article was written by Gargi Chatterjee, Tanya Mehta and Pratyusha Ganesh as a collaborative one. You can contact them via their Linkedin Profiles.

Bad. Boy! Billionaire?

Analysis of Kingfisher Airlines’ historic loan pawning its brand as collateral INTRODUCTION Much anticipation and a couple of legal battles later Netflix finally released the docuseries, Bad Boy Billionaires. The series “explores the greed, fraud and corruption that built up — and ultimately brought down — India’s most infamous tycoons,” Netflix says on its website.…
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India is a vast land of varied cultures and regions, more so that it can be divided into five major divisions. Unlike most countries in the world, we have mountains, plateaus, plains, coastal regions, and islands all of this together in one place! Naturally, with diversity, comes a ton of different kinds of people, lifestyles,…
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ME! said Taylor Swift

Owning your intellectual property the Swift way Introduction From The Beatles to Beyonce, the celebrity status of musicians is more to do with the personal brand than just their artistic creation. Brand identity is an image that the entity has envisioned for itself.[1] Successful branding leads to consumer loyalty.[2]  The popular music industry has been…
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Hey Siri and Alexa, did you infringe a trademark?

It goes without saying how technology has all of us on a leash today. The human race that created technology is now being controlled by it. An individual currently sets up reminders on their devices to remind them to drink water on time or to tell them it is time to sleep. This dependence on…
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The world of Fantasy Sports and its integration with Intellectual Property Rights

Introduction Every avid sports enthusiast loves to give their opinion on how a team should have been set or how a certain player should have been picked or dropped. This desire of fans to be a decision-maker has been capitalized by the fantasy sports industry.  Fantasy sports is currently the most innovative medium of fan…
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Video Games and its tryst with IPR

Introduction What started as a recreational activity in 1985 to keep children engaged at home, has now become a US $131 billion industry. The video games industry began with Nintendo launching its first mainstream game console in 1985 and ever since then it has only moved forward. The gaming industry is known to be one…
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The Realms of Law in Extended Reality

Introduction  It was the summer of 2016, when millions of people across the world experienced one of the most wholesome months of their lives. People were rambling in and around the city looking for an animated character which only they could see on their devices. This outburst of the Pokemon Go mania was how the…
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