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The art of plating, food photography and everything in between: Exploring the legal facets

In today’s day and age, food  is not restricted to being something that just meets our nutritional needs, but it has transformed into a medium for artistic expression as well as a mode to display conceptual designs through plating. It is a fact that a great extent of creativity is involved in the process of…
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Protecting creations in the unexplored: Analysing the scope of Intellectual Property Rights in the outer space

The year is 2020 and the scope for technological innovation in all aspects of science is now thriving more than ever. Exploring outer space is a dynamic area in science that is evolving everyday. Typically, outer space can be defined as the expanse that exists beyond the Karman line[i] and between the celestial bodies. Space…
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Owing to the ever-changing technology and our reliance on such technology and the internet, finding anything on the internet is a piece of cake. Every little aspect of our lives revolves around the internet. Companies like Google and Instagram are constantly pushing their boundaries to make their services efficient and personalized according to the users’…
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Hey Siri and Alexa, did you infringe a trademark?

It goes without saying how technology has all of us on a leash today. The human race that created technology is now being controlled by it. An individual currently sets up reminders on their devices to remind them to drink water on time or to tell them it is time to sleep. This dependence on…
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Opinion: Innovation and Upgradation in the Tech Battleground

Written by Shravani Deshmukh and Yesheshvini Ojha, Co-Founding Partners @ Create and Protect IP Partners. Technology is a word, you and I are very familiar with. It has become a very important and primary part of our lives. The use of any product expands its industry rapidly. Ideas start coming up, techniques start flowing and…
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Video Games and its tryst with IPR

Introduction What started as a recreational activity in 1985 to keep children engaged at home, has now become a US $131 billion industry. The video games industry began with Nintendo launching its first mainstream game console in 1985 and ever since then it has only moved forward. The gaming industry is known to be one…
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The Realms of Law in Extended Reality

Introduction  It was the summer of 2016, when millions of people across the world experienced one of the most wholesome months of their lives. People were rambling in and around the city looking for an animated character which only they could see on their devices. This outburst of the Pokemon Go mania was how the…
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Role of Intellectual Property for Startups and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India amidst COVID-19

Siddhant Sharma is an Indian qualified lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property Rights. He may be reached at: [email protected] or on his Linkedin Profile – https://www.linkedin.com/in/siddhantsharma/ By Siddhant Sharma The economic challenges presented by COVID-19 pandemic have all the more emphasized the role of intellectual property as a part of almost every business model. New ways…
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Censorship and Intellectual Freedom: Friends or Foes?

This article is an opinion on whether censorship encroaches on the fundamental freedom of creativity (intellectual freedom) that the intellectual property laws seeks to protect.

Sphere of Memes, Business and IPR

If you are a fellow social media user,  you know the importance memes have obtained recently on  social media platforms. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of memes(pronounced as ‘meems’), memes can be defined as a pictorial or visual representation of a certain situation or a concept using humour as its basis to…
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