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Scrutinizing the relevance of Patents and Trade secrets in the culinary industry

The food industry is known for being one of the most competitive industries in the world. Every year, food conglomerates manage to invest in millions for research and development purposes in order to manufacture food that caters to  their customers in all aspects- be it the taste, nutritional value, overall appearance of the product or…
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Concerts at your Doorstep!

This article is written by our team members for the month of August- Shilpa Kurian and Kalpesh Bhagat. You can reach out to them on LinkedIn by their respective names. Introduction Art has truly been the most sacred blessing for us, humans. It is through this universal language that we transcend all barriers of race,…
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Blockchain on the Red Carpet!

Blockchain has consistently been a sought after concept since a decade of its entry into the world market.[1] The multi-fold level of authenticity backed by security checks makes it the next big thing sought by industries ranging from finance to fashion. It is capable of revolutionizing many sectors that have an urgent need for development.  …
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Trade Secrets- The Road not Taken?

This article explores the significance of Trade Secrets in the Fashion Industry. It further highlights the need for a formal legal framework in India.

What do Sherlock Holmes, Walt Disney and DC/ Marvel Comics have in common?

Authored by – Sanika Surve and Tressa Maria Joseph 221B, Baker Street, London. This fictional address will definitely ring bells in the minds of book lovers as well movie buffs. This is where the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes lived or probably still lives. The power of this address despite being a fictional one is…
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China and Intellectual Property Rights : Synonyms or Antonyms ?

Co-authored by – Shravani Deshmukh, Yesheshvini Ojha, Sanika Surve and Tressa Maria Exploring the possibilities of the IPR regime in China and their take on the world’s intellectual property. This article will focus on the following topics- Intellectual Property Rights in China The conduct of China towards World IP Suggestions Intellectual Property Rights in China…
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The unrequited secrets of trade – Trade secrets as a beneficial intellectual property

The article talks about the usage of trade secrets for the growth of a business and how it is an underrated IP.

How can you be sure that you are not infringing on existing patents?

This question is better written as “What is the Freedom to Operate or right to use?”. Freedom to Operate (FTO) or Right to use means that you have the right to test, market or sell your product in specific areas. Say if someone has been granted patent for a product in India, then they have…
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Intellectual property strategies for Software startups

As a technology startup, you’re in the business of innovation. Intellectual property needs and must be a very important consideration for your team from day 1. Obtaining IP protection such as patents, trademarks or copyrights can be very useful in differentiating yourselves from the competition, minimizing competition and also build up your defenses against any…
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