Opinion: Innovation and Upgradation in the Tech Battleground

Opinion: Innovation and Upgradation in the Tech Battleground

Written by Shravani Deshmukh and Yesheshvini Ojha, Co-Founding Partners @ Create and Protect IP Partners.

Technology is a word, you and I are very familiar with. It has become a very important and primary part of our lives. The use of any product expands its industry rapidly. Ideas start coming up, techniques start flowing and then there comes a product which is either a new innovation or an upgrade to the existing one.

The revolution of technology escalated in a very short time and is now one of the biggest revolutions the world has its eye on. However as expectations cross and algorithms shift, something has changed the face of this revolution. It has become more about competition and who gets where first rather than consumer satisfaction and solving actual problems. Moreover, it has become a ground of attachment , technology is so equipped that people won’t have to move and privacy is already out of the window.

The tech sector has companies that are heavily influenced by each other in terms of bringing new concepts to light; especially the mobile phone companies. It primarily started off as a race to innovate, where new concepts were explored and brought to us in each update. However, this quickly changed to checking the competitor’s basket and researching only in that niche. The big players have been constantly in a battle to somehow win the races of either wireless charging or sensors. Similarly, the other competing brands have started bringing in concepts that are similar, if not identical to the bigger players. They slowly grab these concepts, refine them a little and sell them on their products while the big players fight for the next one.The industry has terrific ways of co-existing and making sure everyone gets a fair share of the cake. 

While the tech sector encompasses a whole range of products, it is vital to note that the sector thrives on both innovation and upgradation. The sector has constantly evolved in terms of the kind of tech and ideas that have been used. Every such idea has led to different kinds of technologies that we depend on in our lives today. Be it the hardware, the software, the AI and a whole other kinds of upgrades. The ambit of tech varies from how your mobile works to how the washing machine responds to the wifi you are using.

A lot of times we tend to forget the synthesis between innovation and upgradation. We need to understand that upgradation is a by-product of innovation. Once a technology is innovated, it constantly has to change with needs. With the unprecedented change and modernization, an existing technology is bound to have certain updates to function and progress. In a broader perspective, the tech industry has become one the biggest players and a very cohesive industry as well.The industry has managed to strive not just individually but also jointly with other industries. When it comes to intellectual property within this industry, it is highly valued at some doors and underappreciated in some others. The fact that tech is something that can be easily adapted to and tweaked, it is important to consider intellectual property registration and protection. 

IP Protection forms a very essential factor of a lot of ideas especially when it comes to tech giants. In a year, such giants register a number of patents to ensure maximum protection to an idea worth millions of dollars. Whether its World Wide Web by Tim Berners Lee to the iPhone, every patent seemingly has led to fierce protection of stellar intellectual property. Intellectual property within the tech industry is always growing and reaching new limits. It is one of the fastest growing sectors. When we see Patents in the Technology sector, we see that more often than not, they are an upgrade to an already existing technology. The first thing that any Inventor needs to answer with their invention is ‘What problem does it solve?’ As mentioned previously in the article, in this race to come up with new technology, more companies now focus on just having a small step-up from the existing tech rather than innovating new technology.  Looking at the stats, the United States of America has registered the most patents with tech giants like IBM, Samsung and Apple being the front runners. The essence of this industry primarily lies in innovation. However in the recent race of becoming a front runner in the industry has seen a lot of fight. Particularly in the mobile device industry, things like wireless charging, multiple cameras, fingerprint scanner or wireless phones. The competition is no more about innovation per se, but about who does what first.

The physical appearance of each device, whether from big companies or local ones has become nearly the same. Which is good but also shows the fact that innovation may not be the primary aspect when it comes to competing.

There is a sharp contrast that prevails and it completely depends on the subject matter and the kind of industry involved as well. The debate of innovation and upgradation tends to be a never ending and has a lot of dynamics attached to it. Although, there has been commendable growth in the industry which is only because of the combination of innovation and upgradation. The sector is bound to be a multibagger one and has a lot of future prospects with respect to intellectual property as well. We look forward to witness the growth of this industry.

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