How to search the availability of your proposed Trademark

How to search the availability of your proposed Trademark

Searching for already existing Trademarks or the availability of a new Trademark is the first step that you need to do for your business. It is extremely necessary to do a market research for the availability of your proposed mark. This information is available on the official website for IP in India which is : Here you can search for a registered Trademark, check the status of your Trademark and register a new Trademark.

On this website, anyone and everyone can register for a new mark; be it an individual, start-up, small company, large company. The only thing that you will require is a Class II Digital Signature to create your account.

Trademark Search Interface

For a simple Trademark search, you will not need to create an account on the website. It is only when you have to file a new Trademark registration that you will need to create an account.

Once you are on the website, you will find the options of “Public Search” and “Trade Mark Status”. These will help you to search the already registered Marks and/or check the status of your application respectively.

In this article, we will only be dealing with the “Public Search” part of the Trademarks.

The Public Search interface is divided into three parts, you can select any one out of these three categories. For each of these categories, there are different sub-criteria that need to be filled to get better search results.

  1. Word Mark (related to the word)- Under this category, you will have sub-criteria like; “Wordmark”, “Class”, “Goods-Service Description”.
  2. Device Mark (related to the design of the mark)- Under this, you will have “Vienna Code”, “Class”.
  3. Phonetic (related to the sound of the mark)- Lastly, under this you will have “Wordmark”, “Class”.

“Class” is common in all these categories. It is mandatory to enter the Goods or Services class of your Mark. To know and understand which class your Mark belongs to, it is advisable to take professional help. They will ensure that all the proper classes are covered with respect to your Mark.

The process to search for a mark is fairly easy but the process to file a new mark is where professional help is needed. Contact our team for any of your Trademark needs, we work with you to help you understand the process in an easy manner.

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