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Link to Webinar (20th November 2020): Overview of Copyrights in India.

Hello everyone! Attached is the link to the webinar hosted by Turnip innovations, where our founders explained the fundamentals about copyrights. If you want to understand about copyrights and its fundamentals , pls do have a look!

Are we protecting our Museums?

Introduction Art law has multiple concepts and topics under its umbrella, one of them being Museums and Art galleries. Museums and art galleries have to work with a number of professionals like historians, curators, archaeologists, lawyers and so on, this is because they have to deal with a variety of issues when putting up artworks…
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The Intellectual Property business of India’s biggest cricket league – IPL.

This article was written by Gargi Chatterjee, Tanya Mehta and Pratyusha Ganesh as a collaborative one. You can contact them via their Linkedin Profiles.

Is Intellectual Property a long-term investment or a short-term expense?

When it comes to Intellectual Property, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? In our short  experience of being a lawyer, we often see people being inquisitive but puzzled by what we do. What we feel, as IP Professionals, is that any person who owns a business or is in the creative…
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Opinion: Innovation and Upgradation in the Tech Battleground

Written by Shravani Deshmukh and Yesheshvini Ojha, Co-Founding Partners @ Create and Protect IP Partners. Technology is a word, you and I are very familiar with. It has become a very important and primary part of our lives. The use of any product expands its industry rapidly. Ideas start coming up, techniques start flowing and…
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Mist, Mischief and Magic: Aromas of IP

This article is written by Kalpesh Bhagat and Shilpa Kurian. They can be reached out to on Linkedin. Introduction Fragrance has come to be an inevitable element of any product in the market. The scent or the smell associated with the product has become its distinguishing factor. This is majorly observed in the fashion industry,…
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Concerts at your Doorstep!

This article is written by our team members for the month of August- Shilpa Kurian and Kalpesh Bhagat. You can reach out to them on LinkedIn by their respective names. Introduction Art has truly been the most sacred blessing for us, humans. It is through this universal language that we transcend all barriers of race,…
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Role of Intellectual Property for Startups and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India amidst COVID-19

Siddhant Sharma is an Indian qualified lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property Rights. He may be reached at: [email protected] or on his Linkedin Profile – By Siddhant Sharma The economic challenges presented by COVID-19 pandemic have all the more emphasized the role of intellectual property as a part of almost every business model. New ways…
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What do Sherlock Holmes, Walt Disney and DC/ Marvel Comics have in common?

Authored by – Sanika Surve and Tressa Maria Joseph 221B, Baker Street, London. This fictional address will definitely ring bells in the minds of book lovers as well movie buffs. This is where the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes lived or probably still lives. The power of this address despite being a fictional one is…
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Starbucks – ‘Star’ of all cafes.

Authors- Tressa Maria Joseph and Sanika Surve What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you think of coffee? Mostly, a cup of coffee with a Starbucks logo will be the first thing that you associate it with. The power of the logo is that it can be embedded psychologically in the…
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