Month: August 2020

Mist, Mischief and Magic: Aromas of IP

This article is written by Kalpesh Bhagat and Shilpa Kurian. They can be reached out to on Linkedin. Introduction Fragrance has come to be an inevitable element of any product in the market. The scent or the smell associated with the product has become its distinguishing factor. This is majorly observed in the fashion industry,…
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Cover Music and its Copyrighted Muse

The pandemic has been a blessing for people who got a chance to explore their hobbies and pursue them with small ounces of dedication (until work from home got super serious). The internet is flooding every day with young and aspiring artists who are pursuing their passion as a hobby or as a profession. The…
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Concerts at your Doorstep!

This article is written by our team members for the month of August- Shilpa Kurian and Kalpesh Bhagat. You can reach out to them on LinkedIn by their respective names. Introduction Art has truly been the most sacred blessing for us, humans. It is through this universal language that we transcend all barriers of race,…
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Role of Intellectual Property for Startups and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in India amidst COVID-19

Siddhant Sharma is an Indian qualified lawyer specializing in Intellectual Property Rights. He may be reached at: [email protected] or on his Linkedin Profile – By Siddhant Sharma The economic challenges presented by COVID-19 pandemic have all the more emphasized the role of intellectual property as a part of almost every business model. New ways…
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Blockchain on the Red Carpet!

Blockchain has consistently been a sought after concept since a decade of its entry into the world market.[1] The multi-fold level of authenticity backed by security checks makes it the next big thing sought by industries ranging from finance to fashion. It is capable of revolutionizing many sectors that have an urgent need for development.  …
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Trade Secrets- The Road not Taken?

This article explores the significance of Trade Secrets in the Fashion Industry. It further highlights the need for a formal legal framework in India.

Censorship and Intellectual Freedom: Friends or Foes?

This article is an opinion on whether censorship encroaches on the fundamental freedom of creativity (intellectual freedom) that the intellectual property laws seeks to protect.

Geographical Indications on a Hunt for the Next Darjeeling Tea!

The rich cultural and regional diversity of India is today lurking from the shadows to see the rays of survival in this world dominated by counterfeits, fast fashion, and technologically driven designs. India, the homeland of famous silks, tea, and artifacts has a total of 370 GIs registered[1] but only a few have an international…
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The Interlock between Fashion and Intellectual Property

The article highlights the importance and need for protecting the intellectual property in fashion designs.