Month: July 2020

Are 3D Trademarks and Industrial Designs the same or different?

Think about a chocolate with bars which are triangular in nature and comes in a triangular packaging. Most of us would have thought about the tasty Toblerone chocolate which is popularly known for its packaging across the globe. This is a classic example of a 3D trademark. Given the high level of competition in various…
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Sphere of Memes, Business and IPR

If you are a fellow social media user,  you know the importance memes have obtained recently on  social media platforms. For those who are unfamiliar with the concept of memes(pronounced as ‘meems’), memes can be defined as a pictorial or visual representation of a certain situation or a concept using humour as its basis to…
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What do Sherlock Holmes, Walt Disney and DC/ Marvel Comics have in common?

Authored by – Sanika Surve and Tressa Maria Joseph 221B, Baker Street, London. This fictional address will definitely ring bells in the minds of book lovers as well movie buffs. This is where the most famous detective Sherlock Holmes lived or probably still lives. The power of this address despite being a fictional one is…
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Compulsory Licensing and COVID 19 – Getting nations closer or distant?

Patents can give the owner a monopolistic right towards the invention thereby helping it lead the industry. However, there also is said to be a balancing aspect to this provision which enables the use of such invention by a third party without the consent of the patent owner. This aspect is present in the form…
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Decoding Geographical Indication in India

What is a Geographical Indication? As the name suggests, a geographical indication (GI) is a tag given to a particular product ‘indicating’ the origin of the product. For the purpose of protection against duplication and passing off, a GI tag is given to a product and is awarded the protection of an intellectual property. Geographical…
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Starbucks – ‘Star’ of all cafes.

Authors- Tressa Maria Joseph and Sanika Surve What is the first picture that comes to your mind when you think of coffee? Mostly, a cup of coffee with a Starbucks logo will be the first thing that you associate it with. The power of the logo is that it can be embedded psychologically in the…
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China and Intellectual Property Rights : Synonyms or Antonyms ?

Co-authored by – Shravani Deshmukh, Yesheshvini Ojha, Sanika Surve and Tressa Maria Exploring the possibilities of the IPR regime in China and their take on the world’s intellectual property. This article will focus on the following topics- Intellectual Property Rights in China The conduct of China towards World IP Suggestions Intellectual Property Rights in China…
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Protecting businesses ‘intellectually’: Importance of IP registration

Introduction The success of a business is determined by many factors such as the market value, favourable returns on the risks undertaken and so on. One of the most important factors contributing to the success of a business is the level of innovation in its operations. Innovation is the steering wheel of a business. It…
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The unrequited secrets of trade – Trade secrets as a beneficial intellectual property

The article talks about the usage of trade secrets for the growth of a business and how it is an underrated IP.