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Driven by a team of curious individuals, CPIP believes in creating awareness as well as protecting Intellectual Property Rights of every industry possible. We believe in enhancing client experience by providing customised solutions to all your IP problems. Upwards and onwards is our motto; in building and creating all sorts of intellectual property.

Our Team

 We’re a unique mix of experts in technology and legal fields focused on helping you to discover, create & protect your intellectual property. 

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A few things we’re great at

We at Create and Protect IP Partners, strongly believe that working with clients at every step is essential to understand the importance of their IP. We strive to provide our client, budget-friendly, customized solutions ensuring that the quality of the work is never compromised. We highly appreciate the blood and sweat that goes in to the ideation of any form of IP and we believe in providing complete justice to it.

Patent, Trademark and Copyright Services

We provide services of filing, drafting and anaysing all kinds of IP. We do in depth market research and understand the client’s IP to provide the best services.

IP Valuations and Contracts

We provide services to value your IP with respect to market standards and also provide for contracts required when it comes to commercial use of your IP.

Freedom to Operate Search Reports and Services

We provide with a detailed report on a FTO search to avoid future infrigement of your IP. We customise our solutions by analysing the market mood and customer behaviour.

Capsule Consulting-IP

A very targeted approach is provided by our professionals for your IP and the industry it potentially belongs to. This includes understanding the approach required for the development of your brand and its IP.

From our teams’ desk

Our musings on various topics relating to matters of Intellectual property. We hope you do not confuse this to be legal advice.

The art of plating, food photography and everything in between: Exploring the legal facets

In today’s day and age, food  is not restricted to being something that just meets our nutritional needs, but it has transformed into a medium for artistic expression as well[…]

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Link to Webinar (20th November 2020): Overview of Copyrights in India.

Hello everyone! Attached is the link to the webinar hosted by Turnip innovations, where our founders explained the fundamentals about copyrights. If you want to understand about copyrights and its[…]

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Demystifying the interlink between GI tags and Food Products

Most often than not, we pop champagnes during parties and other events. But have you ever pondered why exactly is the drink named as “champagne” while it is also the[…]

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